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Company Profile
Beijing ZONCI Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 in Zhongguancun Changping Science and Technology Park. In 2011, the company purchased and built a standard technology building of nearly 10,000 square meters in the Airport International Industrial Base. It is a high-tech enterprise that integrates R&D, production, and sales medical diagnostic equipment, mainly engaged in medical examination in vitro diagnostic equipments, reagents and consumables, including ZL series automatic blood rheology analyzer, XL series automatic coagulation analyzer, ZC series automatic ESR/HCT analyzer. Products’ technology and quality are in a leading position among similar products at home and abroad. The products are now comprehensive passed ISO9001, ISO13485 quality system certification and CE certification, and have obtained 50 national patents for the technology.
The company pays attention to personnel training and team building. There are more than 220 employees and dozens of business, technical backbone and management personnel with more than 7 years of experience; the company has an active-thinking R&D technical team that emphasizes collaborative innovation.
ZONCI adheres to the quality policy of "precise for life"; with the business philosophy of "high starting point, high quality"; with the corporate tenet of "pragmatic innovation, healthy and win-win"; it provides more advanced and Efficient and reliable medical diagnostic equipment to all levels of hospitals.
Development History
On August 21, 2020, the 13th anniversary of the establishment of ZONCI, the new automatic coagulation analyzer XL3690 is grandly launched!
The 12th anniversary celebration was held in Chengde on August 21, 2019!
In 2018, the company made persistent efforts: the comprehensive hardware transformation and the investment, six models of automatic blood coagulation instruments were awarded the excellent domestic medical equipment catalog. The domestic sales volume of coagulation instruments exceeded 100 million yuan.
In 2017, the company's total revenue from all-round development exceeded 70 million yuan, an increase of 53% over the same period of the previous year. It has won 35 patents.
In 2016, the company's production expansion: an additional 600 square meters of 100,000 grade clean reagent workshop were built and put into production.
In 2015, the company continued to innovate its products: obtained registration certificates for coagulation reagents and related quality control products and calibrators
XL3000 series automatic coagulation analyzer went on sale.
In 2014, the company's overseas market expansion obtained "EU CE certification" and started overseas sales
In 2013, the company XL1000 series automatic coagulation analyzer (emergency king) went on sale
In 2012, the company developed and expanded, purchased and built standardized workshop.
2011 product transformation: XL1800 series coagulation analyzer went on sale, laying the foundation for ZONCI coagulation products.
Product expansion in 2010: routine coagulation reagents, quality control products, and calibrators were registered and launched.
In 2009, the company was awarded the "High-tech Enterprise" certificate.
In 2008, the company's new products started on sale: ZL automatic blood rheology analyzer, ZC automatic ESR/HCTR analyzer.
The company was established on August 21, 2007: registered capital of 10 million Yuan; obtained medical device production license and passed ISO quality system certification.
ZONCI Vision
Zonci will strive to become a "specialized, unique and reliable" product manufacturer in the medical laboratory testing industry!
Development Concept
Seek survive, seek knowledge, seek change
Think together, grow together, and win together
Fitness, excellence and health
ZONCI Strategy
Zonci will also strive to become the best manufacturer aiming at replacing the imported coagulation products in China!
ZONCI Responsibility
Responsible with others, responsible for yourself
Foundation for People
Do not do evil things though they may be insignificant. Do not give up good things though they may be minor matters.